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Learn about the components of the Religion in Life Curriculum and how you can use them to fit your needs.

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Components of the Religion in Life Curriculum

1. The Curriculum Guide

Of course, what would a Curriculum be without a curriculum guide?  More than merely a teacher’s manual, this contains your roadmap to using all the resources below.

2. The Textbooks

Typiclally the cornerstone of any curriculum!  Theoretically you could use the curriculum without them, but you would be missing the single most significant component.  However, you could choose to use the textbooks alone and fit them into your own lesson plans, perhaps as a reader…

3. The Magnificat Readers

The Curriculum Guides point the teacher toward a broad selection of Catholic School readers available in the 1930s.  Since none of us is fortunate enough to own such a collection, we’ve done the work for you!  Most of the additional reading is here, under one cover–with the original illustrations and all!

4. Assigned Student Resources

A wide variety of reading and other activities are assigned to complement most lessons.  We included most of the readings in the Magnificat Readers, but many of these resources merited publishing by themselves.

5. Other Student Resources

Occasionally there were resources recommended but not actually assigned as part of the lessons.  These range from activity books to music and art instruction books to books about the saints.

6. Teacher Resources

Last but certainly not least, here is one of the greatest strengths of this Curriculum.  The creators knew it was crucial that the Sisters teaching it were well-versed not merely in the subject matter, but also with the best methods for teaching each age group.  These resources could form a curriculum of their own!

7. Coming Soon: Lesson Plans

In the future, once we have managed to make most of the above resources available in print or online, we hope to provide downloadable lesson plans that will help teachers to plot out the components of the curriculum over the course of the year.

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